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Red Surrender - Pure MD

Red Surrender


Anti-Redness Serum with Flourish Fx

A must for sensitive, rosacea-prone skin types and complexions with broken capillaries. reduces redness and skin irritability. contains anti-inflammatory, cellular regeneration and humectant properties.

Skin Type:

Hyper-Sensitive, Rosacea Prone, Red Pigmented Skin, All Skin Types

Key Claims:

Proprietary complex: to combat aging and environmental toxins that stress the skin. Tames redness and reverses the inflammatory response. Repairs cell destruction from inflammation and toxins.

Key Active Ingredients:  Telangy, Pinolumin, Cell Detox, Royal Epigen PG, Citystem, azelaic acid, Cyanocobalamin, folic acid - B vitamin, willowherb, licorice,Gotu kola, glycosaminoglycans, Spin Trap, emu oil, Neutrazen Tocopherol (D-alpha) (vitamin e), TotarolTM, olive, Symsitive (4-t-Butylcyclohexanol).  

*Certified organic

Paraben Free  Phthalate Free. Sulfate-Free.

Instructions for use:

Apply a small amount to the skin following cleansing and toning regimen once or twice a day, or as directed by your skin care professional.