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About Us

At Pure MD™, our mission is to develop skin care products that help you love your skin. 

Pure MD was born from working with thousands of patients at our nationally-acclaimed med-spa, Healing Waters. Healing Waters is a destination center of excellence in the Midwest, and one of the medical spas and plastic surgery centers in its region.

Amanda, a registered nurse practitioner, opened Healing Waters in 2002. She quickly recognized the frustrations patients were dealing with relating to skin aging and skin health. Not everyone inherits beautiful skin. It was not uncommon for a patient to bring in a handful of skin care products ranging from gentle, over-the-counter solutions to effective prescription-only lotions and potions, unhappy with them. Amanda realized there was a need to develop a skincare line that was gentle enough for everyday use, but that had scientific strength to deliver real results.

A true entrepreneur, Amanda set out to work with a team of chemists to respond to her patients’ needs—studying the science behind botanical and cosmetic-scientific ingredients that had the potential to reverse aging and improve challenged skin.  Amanda was also determined to create a clean skin care line without filler chemicals that can be harmful to the skin—one that she was willing to put on her own skin every single day and recommend to her patients.

After years of development, Pure MD was born: a cosmeceutical skin care line that bridges the gap between effective prescription-based products and gentle over-the-counter skin care, using a unique blend of both pure botanical and scientific-cosmetic ingredients. Formulated to solve real skin concerns, Pure MD’s customers experience the joys of healthy skin - reduced premature skin aging, refined skin texture, diminished hyperpigmentation, reduced redness, minimized breakouts, and improved fine lines and wrinkles.

We know it is more than vanity that drives us to want better skin; our perception of our skin can be a significant contributor to our overall psychological health. When you look in the mirror and see a breakout, redness, discoloration, or wrinkles, your self-esteem can take a hit.  Amanda will be the first to say that although she didn't inherit the skin she wanted, she now enjoys radiant, healthy skin - and a stronger, more confident self - because of Pure MD. 

Join Amanda in her mission to embolden women to prioritize self-care by caring for their skin. We know you’ll love what you see.