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Amanda’s Tips for Healthy Skin


We all want a bright, radiant, youthful complexion. I certainly was not born with one, and have faced my fair share of challenges with wrinkles in my 40s. Witnessing my teenage daughter, Ireland, struggle with acne-ridden skin and having my 90-year old grandmother, Gloria query me about her enlarged pores and dry skin, I know too well that women at every age struggle with skin concerns.

Moreover, since the passing of my mother and my own struggle with immune system disorders, I have become obsessed with understanding the connection between health, beauty, and wellness. I’ve come to learn that using quality products like Pure MD that scientifically and safely address cellular regeneration are critical. We can also carefully adjust our lifestyle choices to prevent skin damage in the first place. I have become disciplined in the following areas because I am constantly reminded that our lives on this earth are short, and I want to live life well.


  • I conscientiously avoid stressful situations that are going to take me down a negative path, because I know that stress shows up as free radicals in my body, which attack my skin.
  • I avoid sun exposure without sun protection.
  • I have changed my diet to a primarily plant-based diet, so I consume a rich amount of antioxidants while avoiding foods that cause inflammation.
  • I am religious about taking supplements to address any deficiencies and work to improve cellular processes.
  • I practice deep breathing exercises to oxygenate the cells in my body adequately.
  • I take the opportunity to relax whenever possible, to lower stress in my body. Out of control stress can cause a buildup of the stress hormone cortisol, which contributes to dryness and sensitive skin. Relaxation for me is regular massage, going on a walk or laughing with my kids. Anything that helps you drop your shoulders and relax your body is good for your overall beauty and wellness.