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Pure living™ Program

During our many years in the spa and medical cosmetic industry, we have had the joy of seeing a multitude of smiles from our clients. Most meaningful, though, are those smiles from individuals that express a sense of healing, growth or change in their life as a result of their relationship with healing waters and Pure MD.

We believe every woman should have the opportunity to experience a caring relationship, positive touch, and personal empowerment. It was this belief that became the foundation of the pure living program. Pure living is the philanthropic arm of Pure MD and our stated commitment to helping all women achieve a sense of health, wellness, and beauty while aiding in their empowerment during all stages of their lives. It is our goal to help women navigate life’s challenges and reach their greatest potential.

Pure MD and all healing waters locations have joined forces to provide a network of resources for women in four varying stages of life: teenagers coming of age, women embarking on “firsts” (career, marriage, and family), women afflicted by illness, and women victimized by domestic violence. Our contributions range from providing complimentary spa services to the women most in need of respite; to providing donations of time, energy and money to charitable organizations that reflect our cause; to educating on the importance of healing and correcting damaging lifestyle habits.

We encourage you to embrace the spirit of service and find ways to support the women in your community. Whether it’s through volunteering your time, providing donations, or just simply offering a kind and encouraging word to a woman in need, you can make difference too. We have found this venture to be a significant reward and we thank you for choosing Pure MD® as your skin care of choice. By using Pure MD you make pure living possible and participate in the healing, development, and empowerment of women in our communities.