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Our Scientific Focus - Flourish f(x)™ Proprietary Complex

Flourish fx

Unattractive skin and skin aging are the results of the inflammatory response to environmental pollutants and skin damage from a consistently poor lifestyle or poor nutritional choices. Our daily diet of UV rays, pollution, stress, and lifestyle choices like alcohol or cigarette smoke, generate free radicals that negatively affect our skin. Consistent free radical damage causes visible signs of accelerated skin aging (like sagging, wrinkling, and discoloration), acne, rosacea, and even skin cancer.

To reverse skin back to beautiful, The Flourish f(x) Complex was developed to combat these challenges completely. All of our Pure MD skin care formulations are developed with the addition of the Flourish f(x), a proprietary complex of botanical and scientific ingredients that has the following pharmacological actions:

CORRECTS inflammation that causes the breakdown of collagen

PROTECTS against free radical damage with antioxidants that fights them off

SOOTHES redness and skin discoloration

DETOXIFIES oxidative stress, which affects the skin's health

REGENERATES new skin cells to give you beautiful, glowing skin