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High Eye Q with Flourish Fx - Pure MD

High Eye Q with Flourish Fx


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Anti-Aging Firming Eye Cream: An intelligent firming eye cream formulated with Flourish f(x) to improve wrinkles and fine lines, firm sagging skin and the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and early signs of aging around the delicate eye area

Key Actives:  Snap 8, Vegesyryl, Hibiscus extract, Matrixyl Morphomics, Inline, Haloxyl. *Certified organic

Paraben-Free.  Phthalate Free. Sulfate Free. 

Skin Type: All, Anti-Aging, Dry, Combination, Sensitive, Eye Area

Instructions:  Twice daily, using fingertips, apply a small amount of High Eye Q underneath and to the outer edges of the eye area, specifically over the crow's feet, to help firm, smooth, and lift delicate skin.